Yes, You Really CAN Burn Fat
And Keep It Off - For Good.

By BUILDING Your Metabolism You Can Burn Fat Around The Clock - Without Supplements, Without Going Hungry, And Without Abandoning Reason!

working out to increase your metabolism

Here's The Deal. Weight Loss Is NOT Easy. But Neither Is What I reveal on this page science fiction. Nor is it wishful thinking. It is a set of FULLY TESTED weight loss principles practiced
more than 30 years by a tiny community that
has finally perfected the art of fat burning.
I am one of them. Now YOU too can have
access to our Hard-Won weight loss secrets.

From The Desk Of Carolyn Hansen (Certified Fitness Instructor)

Hello, my name is Carolyn Hansen, and before I tell you about what I believe to be the most reliable, scientifically-grounded, and easy-to-implement fat loss system in existence today, I want to impress upon you the idea that I am not some anonymous ghost writer who has put together yet another publication in the long saga of weight loss vehicles that promise the Earth but just don't seem to deliver results even though you may have carefully followed their misguided teachings.

Here is what this weight loss system is NOT

I want to take a moment before I tell you what my system of weight loss is about to impress upon you what it is not. The fact of the matter is that there are so many bogus weight loss sites online today that it is really difficult for the consumer to make an objective judgement about what is realistic and what is not when it comes to expectations about what a weight loss product can do for them.

The problem is so rampant that the Federal Trade Commission dedicates time and resources to alerting the public on what to look out for with these sites. They even have a highly detailed and useful downloadable PDF document entitled Red Flag Bogus Weight Loss Claims that I encourage you to check out. In a nutshell, be on the lookout for sites that claim you can easily reduce your body weight by more than about a pound a day, and keep it off for good, without embarking on a strenuous physical activity program and cutting calories from your diet.

By the way, you will find no such claims on this page. I can help you to lose weight, and the only thing I rely on to get the job done is my knowledge of how the human body responds to physical activity and nutrition.

No doubt, the majority of these bogus weight loss sites are run by people who have scarcely seen the inside of a gym, let alone spent any real time trying to figure out what works when it comes to trying to lose weight effectively. Well, I am of a different cut entirely.

carolyn hansen in gym
A snapshot of me in one of my gyms.

No. I walk the talk, as they say. I currently run a highly successful Anytime Fitness center and I see five hundred clients stream into my gymnasium every day.

These clients of mine get the same advice from me that I am about to give you, and many of them are happy to pay me $150 per hour for a one-on-one consultation, because they know that when it comes to getting their weight under control I always deliver the kind of results they were hoping for. In fact, many of them pay between $2,000 to $3,000 to receive the information that I have outlined for you on this page. Some have even gone on to win bodybuilding and physique contests based on the application of the principles of metabolic exercise and proper nutrition that I have taught them.

It is my business to know what works and what does not when it comes to getting your body into shape. In fact, I have earned a reputation as a no-nonsense health and fitness practitioner, and even garnered a little fame for myself by picking up a national level bodybuilding championship title along the way. In short, when it comes to the human body, and our pursuit of a more perfect form, I have made it my job to know what I am talking about.

It's not magic - successful fat loss is achieved
with the right exercise and nutrition

Trust me, none of this is said with the intent of aiming to impress you. Instead, what I am hoping to do is set the stage so that when I finally make some promising claims your eyes do not glaze over and you feel the urge to sigh and write me off as yet another peddler of digital snake oil. Give me just a little credit, and two minutes of your time, and I will reveal to you a system of weight loss management that is GUARANTEED not only to get you excited, but more importantly, headed in the right direction.

I know this is important to you because you would not be on this page if the systems of weight loss control that you have tried to date held anything more than empty promises of easy weight loss. The fact is, most other weight loss systems - even the legitimate ones - are based on ideas about the human body that are simply incorrect, and which (ironically) end up training your body to try to GAIN weight rather than lose it. Ever bounced back to your normal weight shortly after coming off a diet, or a time-consuming aerobic schedule? Maybe you even added a few MORE pounds on top of that. Not what you were expecting, was it?

Well, that's not what you can expect after undergoing a metabolic makeover, which is at the core of the system I have devised for my personal clients, and now for you as well.

Testimonial - Read what people are saying...
I've lost 76 pounds

Losing weight is easy when you know how, but knowing how is the secret. I've tried every crash diet known to man, and prior to discovering the Hot Metabolism course I was ready to resign myself to the fact I'd be a fat chick for life.

Thankfully a friend found me at my lowest and encouraged me to read the "The Best Way To Lose Weight" report. That really was the turning point for me, a light switched on in the far recesses of my brain and I realised I did have the power to be who I wanted to be, I just had to believe and be prepared to study to understand the principles of weight loss and the mechanics of fat burning.

I knuckled down and am delighted to report that I've lost 76 pounds and I'm leaner and healthier than ever before.

Molly Davis - 29

No more YO-YO dieting or endless
hours of cardio exercising which
SUPPRESS your metabolism...

By teaching you how to apply principles of fat burning that have stood the test of time I know that I can not only help you lose weight, I also know that I can help you keep that weight off for the years to come.

Note that I said "test of time" and not "test of popularity", because these ideas are scarcely known by anyone today, despite the fact that they have brought remarkable results to the small group of men and women who have been putting these ideas into practice since as far back as the 1970s. I know this, because I am one of them.

What amazes me today is that these principles of weight loss (through fat burning) were literally at my finger tips for the better part of the 25 years or so that I have been actively involved in developing my physique through fitness training. I watched with envy as other members of my chosen community managed to sculpt their bodies and shed fat with what seemed like unnatural ease. I put their good fortune down to genetics and the kind of willpower to resist food that I simply did not have.

But I tried! Believe me, I suffered through excruiting diets that today I would never admit to having tried. Knowing what I do today, I see now how I literally guaranteed that my fat loss efforts would be, at best, temporary in duration. A few weeks later those few pounds that I had wrestled from my body would be back.

It never occurred to me that the success which a few of my friends were enjoying back then was actually due to the application of sound biochemical principle's of fat burning that they had stumbled upon by luck. In fact I am fairly sure they did not understand how it worked either at the time. But they kept at it, and they got consistent results, year after year.

Metabolic fitness is achieved by working *with* the
known laws of human biochemisty - not against them

Finally I started to pay attention to what they were actually doing. In the time since then, a few people in the scientific community have been able to correlate what they know about the chemistry of the human body with what these pioneers were doing in the gym. But it seems to me that nobody is listening to the guys in white coats, even if what they are saying amounts to a literal revolution in the way we should be addressing the problems associated with obesity and poor exercising habits.

But I have been following their every word, and slowly I have been able to piece together this giant jigsaw puzzle which explains how that small group of men and women had been able to perfect the art of fat burning through what was basically three decades of trial and error.

The good news? Because I knew how valuable my personal clients would find this information, I forced myself to sit down and write it all out for them. When I finished I looked carefully at what I had created - and I experienced that rare flush of discovery that does not come too often in life.

Why? Because the result was a system of fat loss through metabolic fitness training so simple in design, yet so counter-intuitive in its execution, that it is no wonder it took me so long to see what my friends were really doing in the gym. Because if it HAD occurred to me to ask them what they were doing, I am absolutely certain that I would have dismissed their ideas as crazy. The principles of true fat burning just flat out fly in the face of common sense.

You can imagine how excited I became when I realized that a lot more people could benefit from the application of this system than just my personal clients. The fact is, any able-bodied person can put these ideas into practice immediately and see some kind of results in just a few weeks.

I will REMOVE the mystery of metabolic control, and quickly have you setting your own fat-burning dials...

Now, as I have emphasized higher in this page, I am not going to be regaling you with outlandish weight loss claims for my system. There is nothing magical to my Hot Metabolism Fitness Makeover. Once you understand what is really going on with your body you will probably do a double take. Most people do when I explain the system to them, followed shortly thereafter with something like "Now, wait a minute, Carolyn. Getting rid of fat cannot really be that simple. Can it?"

If you could only see the look in their eyes when the penny drops and they finally realize they have just turned a major corner in their lives, and burning fat need never be a source of confusion to them again. Of course, the elation lasts only for as long as it takes them to realize that all the tortured diets and aerobic training classes they had invested in over the years, which never paid off in results that lasted very long, could have all been avoided.

In fact, I have made some people very unhappy by delivering the good news. But they get over it real quick. After a month or two have passed the girls will even stop me in the gym and do the obligatory twirl, and then disappear into their workout without saying a word - as if to say "Oh yeah, Baby. And I'm just getting started."

And it really is that simple once you understand the basic biological principles that govern the way your body responds to exercise and the intake of energy in the form of food. This is not to say that many of the weight loss gurus that you might already be familiar with have not tried to brainwash you already with their own ideas about how all this works. The trouble is, most of them simply have it all wrong! They have not kept up with advances in our understanding of the field, and their information is hopelessly out of date.

Just how far can you expect to get with your fat burning efforts if the owners manual to your own body is full of mistakes? You don't need me to tell you the answer to that - you already know. That is why I have gone out of my way to make sure the Hot Metabolism Fitness System contains the most up-to-date findings in the field of human physiology and fitness enhancement. I have also detailed for you an approach to eating that you are going to find highly favorable - especially if you have tried to lose fat in the past by restricting your calorie intake. It is just NOT the way to get results.

I do not believe in starving myself to lose fat.
Nor will You NEED to after today.

What you are going to learn is that one of the secrets to sustained fat burning involves not just what you eat, but when you eat it, and how often you eat it. These are some of the hard-won secrets to increasing your metabolism that you are not going to learn from anyone who has not put in the years to test these idea on their own body, and the bodies of literally hundreds of their clients. Maybe even thousands in my case (the truth is I lost count years ago).

Everything I have learned in recent years about how our metabolisms really work only confirms what my forward-thinking friends discovered on their own all those years ago. In essence, my Hot Metabolism system is just their approach to increasing metabolism through the correct form of exercising (which involves none of the aerobic exercising that others incorrectly promote as weight loss activities), combined with a much improved system of nutrition that I have developed over the years after learning what kind of foods my friends were eating when they began getting their astonishing results in the gym.

Today I am a veritable chef of healthy meals formulated specifically to assist with the fat burning process. In Hot Metabolism you are going to learn all my kitchen secrets and come away with an eating plan that guarantees you never need to endure hunger again in order to peel away fat from your body.

OK, so I have given you a rough idea of what Hot Metabolism is all about. Now it is time to show you a little more of what the 3-volume fitness and nutritional advice system contains. Let's have a closer look...

Presenting VOLUME ONE...

hot metabolism volume one

An Eating Plan That Will Forever
Change The Way You Look At Food!

Of the 3 primary components that make up the Hot Metabolism Fitness System it is the eating plan that is going to have you rethinking everything you thought you knew about how your body responds to food.

egg white omelet shrimp cocktail grilled chicken fillet

Here is just a taste of the kind of changes you can expect when you implement the counterintuitive eating plan at the core of the Hot Metabolism system:

  • You will learn how to keep your blood sugar and energy levels stable, so that your day is interrupted by neither mood swings or crushing spells of unexpected lethagy that can derail your workout schedules.
  • You will learn what to do to keep your metabolism running at an elevated rate ALL DAY LONG, so that you can burn more calories than you have ever managed before - in fact, even as you sleep.
  • No more over-eating at meal times. When you learn to eat the correct way, and supply your body with the right KINDS of food, you will be far less prone to those irresistible food cravings that can send you heading for the nearest junk food stash.
  • You will learn how to train your body to store less food as body fat so you will not have to starve yourself just to reach your fat loss goals.
  • By eating the RIGHT kinds of foods you will keep the glycogen levels high in your body's muscles so as to provide plenty of energy to fuel high intensity fat-burning exercise.
  • You will discover that your new eating plan will provide for more efficient utilization not only of carbohydrates and proteins, but also vitamins, minerals and virtually every nutrient that foods contain.

Believe me, you won't be eating meals that taste like they were made from the cardboard torn from the cover of a low-calorie cookbook. How do these meal titles sound?

  • Chicken and shrimp stir-fry with cashews
  • Grilled filet mignon and steamed vegetables
  • Egg-white omelet with ham and vegetables
  • Shrimp cocktail and tomato juice

I don't know about you, but my old diets never included the kind of mouth-watering recipes that I have included for you in my new Eating Plan.

More importantly, this is just a TASTE of an entirely new approach to eating right that I have designed to assist with your fat-burning goals by raising your metabolism and thereby avoiding the need to significantly reduce your calorie intake just to lose weight. No more starvation diets when you learn to run a Hot Metabolism - guaranteed!

But that is not all you are going to discover in the Eating Plan. Here is what else I have in store for you:

  • Are you SUPPRESSING your metabolism by eating only 2 or 3 meals every day? Did you even realize that this schedule helps to INCREASE the amount of fat that your body considers healthy (Hint: Your body cares first and foremost about whether you have enough "energy reserves" to survive the following month - it does not take into account long term health problems that might be brought on by setting up those fat reserves). You are going to learn why EATING MORE OFTEN will INCREASE the rate at which you burn fat! Counterintuitive, but true.
  • By moving to a simpler, more healthy eating plan that AVOIDS DIETING, not only is your body going to reward you by putting you on a path to a longer more healthy life, but your state of mind is going to improve too. No more unnecessary stress brought on by trying to follow unrealistic dieting plans that starve you of the nutrients that your body and brain need to maintain proper levels of health.
  • You will learn about the one food type that PROMOTES FAT BURNING and which should appear in all of your meals. Increasing the concentration of this food type in your diet will leave you feeling more full after every meal, and force your body to burn more calories in order to digest it.
  • Dietary scheduling that works. The reality is that no matter how good your nutritional plan, if it is a nightmare to implement then you are not going to stick to that plan. I will show you how to organize your eating plan so that you remain in complete control of it and never have to resort to quick fix eating that sends you to the nearest convenience stand in search of a sugar fix.

I will be including a lot more in the Eating Plan, including tips on what you should be drinking to keep yourself refreshed and ready to hit the gym, and hit it hard.

In VOLUME TWO You Discover...

hot metabolism volume two

An Exercise Plan Forged On The
Backs Of My Personal Clients!

That's right. Not only are you getting my personal exercise system that I use to keep in shape year round, but this is the same plan that my personal clients pay up to $3000 to learn when they spend time with me in the gym.

Every one of my clients has benefited from the information found in the Exercise Plan, and so will you.

female bodybuilder abs bodybuilder exercising barbell plate

For example, you will discover the following...

  • That aerobic training sessions are NOT a great way to lose fat. In fact, far from it. Aerobic activity actually works to SUPPRESS your metabolism and make gaining unwanted body fat that much easier. If you never lost weight by going to aerobics classes, now you will understand why!
  • You will learn how to make the MOST of your time in the gym by concentrating on the 20 percent of exercises that really deliver 80 percent of the metabolism-building results. Once you know what REALLY works you can focus your efforts and build your metabolism fast and efficiently for MAXIMUM FAT BURNING RESULTS. In fact, you will discover the TWO TOP EXERCISES that will stimulate your body fully and have you in and out of the gym in record time.
  • You will discover the concepts of INTERVAL TRAINING and workout INTENSITY, and learn how to use these to supercharge the rate at which you build up your metabolic volume.
  • You will learn to set aside that SLAVE MENTALITY that has your eyes glued to the needle on the bathroom scales every morning. Instead, you will learn how to appreciate the vastly more important criterion of BODY COMPOSITION which you will improve for gains in health and a substantial reduction in your risk for conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.
  • The CRITICAL ROLE that muscular development plays in the construction of a powerful internal fat burning furnace - in other words, your metabolism! You will learn why metabolism appears to decrease with age, but really only gets SMALLER, and can be BUILT BACK UP with the correct training.
  • Two fully-illustrated METABOLIC FITNESS WORKOUT PLANS are included, complete with detailed instruction on how to perform the movements, as well as suggestions on what NOT to do to so that you get the best results.

Remember, this Exercise Plan is based on years of my own observations of what works and what does not work to stimulate the metabolism of both myself and my clients. It is also founded on the work of the early pioneers in the area of metabolic regulation who perfected the art of fat burning on their own through trial and error several decades ago. This is not airy exercise theory which has never been tested - this stuff works!


hot metabolism volume three

Learn The Meaning Of The Secret
Fire Within
- Mastery Of Your Own
Metabolism To Create A Firmer,
Sexier Body In 30 - 60 Days.

You cannot master your metabolism without understanding what it is. In this volume I am going to strip away the mystery for you and present a view of your metabolism that not only will you find incredibly easy to understand, but which will inspire you to leverage it for everything it has to offer you in the way of creating a more perfect bodily form, whether you want to use it to attract the opposite sex, or just enjoy superior health.

thermometer sexy guy

This is the volume which resonates the most for me because it represents the culmination of years of research and longing to understand the secrets of the human metabolism. And here it is at last, boiled down to one short volume of just over 50 pages, inside of which you will discover...

  • The way to picture your metabolism as a FAT BURNING FURNACE which is ready to consume excess body fat all day long once you understand how to stoke it correctly. In fact, you will quickly recognize that you have at your very fingertips a complete fat burning, energy producing, LIFE GENERATING POWER PLANT.
  • The causes of METABOLIC DISRUPTION, slow down, and the specific factors behind your inability so far to burn fat and calories. When you remove these obstacles your metabolic regeneration results will soar.
  • The reasons why the new science of fat loss shows that dieting, weight loss supplements, and endless aerobic/cardio exercise do nothing to increase your metabolism, and instead do a good deal to SUPPRESS it. This is why about 95 percent of weight loss attempts fail to work. But you can change all that with the Hot Metabolism system, and I will show you how.
  • That MUSCLE provides the key to your metabolic recovery, and a proper choice of diet provides the fuel to power your metabolism for continuous energy levels no matter what the time of day.
  • The degree to which GENETICS plays a part in your ability to burn fat (or store it unnecessarily), and how you can work with your genetic allotment to improve your metabolism.
  • How you can work with your metabolism to AVOID becoming one of the NEARLY 400 MILLION unfortunate souls who will perish within the next 10 years due to an essentially self-inflicted chronic disease related to being overweight. The good news is that you don't have to be one of them.
  • The ROLE OF HORMONES in weight loss. These potent chemical messengers play a part in the regulation of most bodily processes and you will out how they affect your ability to burn fat, and the factors which are responsible for switching fat burning ON and OFF over the course of a day. You will learn why HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE acts as a kind of ANTI-AGING YOUTH HORMONE which can make you feel younger, stronger, more vital and more energetic. It is also a critical hormone in the cellular processes involved in breaking down fat, and you will learn how to stimulate its production. You will also learn about hormones that SUPPRESS your metabolism.
  • The ROLE OF ENVIRONMENT in weight loss. Would you have thought that the level of sunlight, or the amount of oxygen available to you would affect your ability to burn fat? Probably not, but it does, and you will find out the how and why.
  • Plus MANY MORE FACTORS that contribute to the revitalization of your metabolism...

I am not kidding when I say that this is just a fraction of the information that I have crammed into my final volume on the metabolism, what it is, and how to manipulate it. My belief is that the better you understand how your body really works, the easier it will be to apply the advice offered in the Exercise Plan and the Eating Plan, both of which are designed specifically to get your metabolism stimulated for maximum fat burning and improved levels of health.

OK, so now you have a pretty good idea about what my Hot Metabolism Fitness System is all about. The next part is up to you. If you want to get started on the road to better health and a proven path to sustainable fat loss through mastery of your own metabolism, you know what to do next...

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YES, Carolyn. I'm ready to for you to reveal to me the astonishingly simple principles of fat burning through metabolic regulation that have worked so well for me and a small as-yet unrecognized group of pioneers in the art of fat burning, who have been quietly perfecting these techniques for more than 30 years.

Send me my copy of Hot Metabolism, a 3-volume series of ebooks in PDF format which can be read by any PDF reader such as Adobe Reader, for...

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Seriously. If you turn out to be one of the few for whom "Hot Metabolism" just doesn't strike a cord, then I don't want your money.

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