To Burn Body Fat Use Strength Training

Article Source: Metabolism Articles. Copyright 2009
Author: Carolyn Hansen

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If you desire to burn body fat because the pounds have started to pile up places where the pounds just should not be, then the answer is strength training, as I will try to show you in this short article on weight loss.

You may have heard that once we hit our 30's our waist starts to thicken, our weight increases, and we may need to go up a clothes size. You may even vaguely realize that it has something to do with your metabolism. But the most important thing worth knowing about this is that none of it is predestined - you can elect to change the situation and take off the weight by learning just what is happening with your metabolism and how it can be reprogrammed to burn fat the way it did in your youth.

The main reason your body starts to pack on the pounds is not because you are aging and your metabolism is slowing - it is because you are exercising less (or just not enough).
A vicious circle is set up: the more weight you gain, the less energy you feel you have, and the less you want to exercise to lose that excess of body fat.

Along with the lessening of your metabolic volume (your total ability to burn fuel in the form of fat) there is a decline in your body's level of hormones which are the chemical messengers responsible for every action in every system and body part. The granddaddy of these hormones is human growth hormone (HGH) and this is the key to getting back the control of your body and the shedding of any excess body fat.

There are all sorts of weight reduction aids available, but energy levels are the biggest factor in getting your life and your weight back on track. So, how do we get this magic elixir - HGH - to give us more energy? Movement stimulates the release of this anti aging, fat busting hormone, but the movements necessary must be intense enough to force the body to become stronger.

The best way to stimulate the production of this hormone, which also counters the effects of other hormones that work in the opposite way, to help you gain weight in the form of body fat, is to start an exercise program that contains at least 60 percent strength training exercise.

It is completely normal for someone beginning an exercise program not to be able to exercise at the required level of intensity to stimulate the production of hormones for fat loss. It will take time to learn the skills necessary to get the best results. The secret is in raising the metabolism so you can burn more calories (fuel) every minute of the day and this will increase along with your overall strength and fitness levels.

So, in reality you are just recovering what has been lost in the way of your fat burning metabolic engine. This is what has allowed the excess body fat to accumulate, nothing more, and nothing less.

Strength training is the key here. No other type of exercise will give you the tools you need to lose body fat. So forget about walking for any length of time, forget the tiny plastic dumbbells and the haphazard exercise routine. You will need to get serious about your program and it will need to become a permanent fixture in your life you are to win the battle of being overweight.

However, the pay off for sticking to the plan will be priceless, with increased strength, loads of energy, greater self esteem, recovered youthfulness, and an increased zest for life. Because being overweight increases your chances of contracting some life threatening disease or illness that could well cut your precious life short, one of the most important bonuses for you will be a huge reduction in this risk, so be prepared for a long and healthy life.

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