Master Your Metabolism With Strength Training Workouts

Article Source: Metabolism Articles. Copyright 2009
Author: Carolyn Hansen

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Can you really master your metabolism and burn fat more rapidly than you are able to do today? For most people the answer to this question is yes. It simply takes a little time to get into the swing of things, but the principles behind the ability to master your metabolism are easy to understand and practice.

Today we enjoy a much greater understanding of how our body works at the biochemical level than we ever did in the past. Thanks to scientific studies and research into the chemical pathways responsible for extracting energy from food we now have a reasonably clear picture of how excess body fat ends up in those unwanted places on our body.

This research has, in part, shown us that it is our metabolism that determines how much excess weight we are tasked to carry around. The good news is that we now also have a better understanding of what is required to burn off that excess fat. We know that it is possible to manipulate the metabolism, and force the body - through workouts and proper nutrition - to accomplish both healthy fitness and body weight goals.

Unfortunately, many people continue to use obsolete, outdated, and quite frankly, fruitless techniques that have not altered since the 1980s when they were dreamed up. Several of these exercise techniques, involving low intensity, elongated intervals of exercise (walking, biking, etc) continue to work to some degree with the improvement of health, but they are effectively useless when it comes to successful weight loss.

Instead, new exercise techniques, based on fresh knowledge about the role that our body's hormones play in the weight loss story, offer a much improved means for achieving the fat loss goals that we are looking for.

If you are already exercising, that is a great start, but you might be losing up to 90 percent of your results if you are using workout techniques that are now known to be, well, hopeless if losing weight is the primary goal.

Earlier workout regimens concentrated solely on calories burned while exercising. What occurred after the session was not thought of as being critical. We now believe this NOT to be the case. Today we believe that we can increase our metabolism - our calorie burning abilities - long after the workout session is over. This is the trick to losing weight, because then we are using more fuel every second of every minute of each day, even if we are resting on the couch watching television.

To get this result, the workout has to strain the muscular system in such a manner that it forces the body to become accustomed to new stages of strength and muscle growth. There must be an adequate work load on the muscles for the essential hormones to elevate the metabolism, not just during the workout, but afterwards as well.

Strength training workouts will act to speed up your metabolism. On the other hand, leisurely workouts such as running, biking, swimming, etc, are excellent for precisely that - leisure. They are not well suited to the stimulation of muscle growth, which is the key to increasing your metabolic volume.

Just like you would take a car to be fixed by a qualified specialist, you should visit a fitness professional and get the correct information about how to add strength training to your exercise sessions - especially if your goal is to burn more fat than you are currently doing daily.

Yes, it takes a little time to learn how to incorporate this new form of "hormonal" exercising into your life. But the rewards are worth it, and include not only a light frame in the foreseeable future, but, by learning how to increase your metabolism, you will enjoy greater health, greater longevity, and look good doing it too!

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