Lose Weight With These New Exercise Techniques

Article Source: Metabolism Articles. Copyright 2009
Author: Carolyn Hansen

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L E A R N   M O R E

Can you remember the days when eating unlimited quantities of food never seemed to lead to you gaining weight in the form of excess body fat? Today, on the other hand, you merely have to look at food, it seems, and it goes straight to the hips and waistline...

Well, if there is a culprit to blame for that, it has to be your metabolism, which is your body's engine. As we age, our metabolism slows down and we burn less fuel over the course of the day. For many of us, it seems we always have had a slow metabolism, as we have been battling excess weight for most of our lives.

If you have ever attempted to lose weight, then you know how difficult of a struggle it can be. There are some key principals that, when applied, will significantly increase your success at losing weight and attaining your body weight goals.  Most of us will fight the battle of the bulge at several points during our lifetime, and many of us will lose this battle every single time. The reason behind this is that diets simply do not work and can adversely alter our metabolism (by slowing it down) which is the exact opposite of what we need to do.

The key to successful permanent weight (fat) loss is not to count calories or fat grams. The most effective and significant action that you can take is to increase the rate at which you lose body fat. That is to say, you need to increase your metabolism.  This is the rate at which your body utilizes energy (burns fuel). In this sense, your metabolism regulates your body's ability to become (and stay) lean. To shift your metabolism into higher gear requires upgrading your strength and muscle toning while supporting yourself with good nutrition.

Today it is very clear that "hormonal" exercise - which is physical activity that can act to moderate the level of the various hormones in our bodies - provides the quickest means to burning stubborn body fat. In fact, you can achieve about three times the results from your exercise program in half the time with this new type of exercise program. When these amazing "fitness" hormones are triggered, the fat-burning process in your body is accelerated.

The exercise program that releases greater levels of these "youth" hormones must include at least 60 percent strength training exercise and cardio interval training. In order for these hormones to be released as a result of exercise, the activity must have brief periods of high intensity alternated with rest periods. There is just no way around this; it has to be pretty demanding for it to work.
Because of the nature of this type of program it should be set up by a fitness professional to ensure safely and effectiveness. This is not your bicep curls with weeny dumbbells in front of the television; neither is it a quick walk around the neighborhood.

There are many tools and techniques to generate the hormonal effects of exercise and none of them include long duration, steady state "20 minutes on the bike" or "aerobic zone" training. These new techniques and the understanding that goes with them dictate that real fat burning takes place at higher levels of training intensity.

Since many of us learn about nutrition and dieting from misleading information in magazines and the media, we are confused when our weight loss attempts are unsuccessful. The key to successful, permanent weight loss is not about counting calories or fat grams; it is about improving and "waking up" the body's metabolism.

People spend billions of dollars every year on quick fix weight-loss solutions. Yet, these "solutions" are either temporary or they cause more problems than they solve, such as slowing the metabolism and punishing the soul.

Whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 100, the key is to avoid the gimmicks and the quick fixes, and to instead focus on sustainable changes that produce lasting results. The only surefire way to lose that body fat and maintain the loss over time is to focus on your strength and fitness.

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