Burn More Calories By Boosting Your Metabolism With Strength Training

Article Source: Metabolism Articles. Copyright 2009
Author: Carolyn Hansen

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If you are hoping to rid yourself of excess body fat and you do not exercise regularly, prepare yourself for an uphill battle. Because of your lack of activity, your body very likely lost a good fraction of the metabolism you once enjoyed (the rate your body burns fuel). This happens because if you are inactive your muscle tissue atrophies and your body finds itself with lower energy requirements. This has the effect of causing food calories to be stored as fat if they cannot be used by your (now) small metabolic engine.

The good news is that you can reverse this process. You can speed up your metabolism, get it super charged, in fact, to burn any excess fat from your body. The way to do this is with a proper exercise program that contains at least 60 percent strength training exercise. This will increase your energy needs by as much as 25 to 40 percent above the essential base energy requirements of your body.

You can easily burn an extra 200 to 300 calories of energy per day with the right exercise program. With this extra output of say 250 calories per day, a half pound of body fat per week could easily be lost. This adds up to a whopping 25 pounds per year. And this would be achieved without any of that soul-destroying, restrictive food dieting.

But these results can only be achieved with a proper exercise program; you will not get these sorts of results doing the old fashioned type of mind numbing, boring cardio exercise for long periods of time. This type of exercise has never ever worked for fat loss. Yet people are still being told this is what they need to do to lose weight by the so called fitness experts that have come out of the woodwork with the advent of the internet.

To supercharge your metabolism you need to tone up every available shred of muscle tissue within your body. Muscle is where body fat is burned, so by conditioning these fat burning cells you will supercharge the whole of your body's metabolic engine. This means that you will continue to burn more calories even when you are not exercising.

This is how you go from being overweight to having the kind of body that you dream about; we really just need to replace the activity that has been lost by our modern lifestyles. Today we are no longer required to exert ourselves at all. We sit for long periods of time and are completely sedentary, and this is repeated day after day after day. Is it any wonder our metabolic engine size is reduced? Why would it be any other way?

Excess energy is stored as unsightly fat hanging off our body, and the metabolic rate is slowed even more because of this. You can easily turn this around; you just have to get your head around the fact that you will have to be come more active, much more active.

And the easiest, quickest, most efficient way to do this is with strength training exercise.
This forces your muscles to work harder than they have to in everyday life and has the effect of making them stronger, thereby increasing their energy-using capacity.

Make sure you see a fitness professional to set up a proper exercise program. You need to learn new skills to perform the program properly if you want maximum results. Strength training is different from old fashioned cardio type exercises; you will be hard pressed to squeeze a runners high out of a barbell.

Low repetitions, whole body workouts, multiple muscle group exercises, the right intensity and 2-3 sessions per week are what is needed to get truly effective results. This type of training must be supported by multiple small meals throughout the day, whole natural foods, adequate protein, and enough calories to supply high levels of energy to be able to do justice to your program. Anything less will not work.

You will be amazed at the difference in the way that you feel. Progress may be slow, but it will happen, and it will be permanent. So, get started, and experience it for yourself. It will rejuvenate your life in far more ways than just losing excess body fat - and all because you decided to get serious about boosting your metabolism.

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