Achieve Metabolic Balance With Strength Training

Article Source: Metabolism Articles. Copyright 2009
Author: Carolyn Hansen

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To achieve metabolic balance is paramount to your efforts to maintain a healthy body weight. If your metabolism is unbalanced the most common effect is a slow and steady gain in body fat which leads to both obvious and hidden, and almost always risk-laden, side effects.

Metabolism is a set of complex biochemical pathways carried out by the body, so it is not surprising that many consider it in its most basic form: as a process that instructs our bodies to burn fat or store it.

Your metabolic rate is a measure of just how quickly your body is consuming calories, as it goes about the various chemical processes required to maintain itself.. Individuals with a higher than normal metabolism for their body weight will burn more calories throughout the day, even when they are resting. If your metabolic rate is slowing due to age, lack of physical activity, recurrent dieting, etc you need to wake it up and alter your lifestyle if your goal is to rid you body of unwanted body fat.

When you find yourself considering a new diet to rid your body of a few extra pounds of fat, stop and think about your alternatives. In particular, take a moment to consider how you might integrate exercise into your regular routine.

This path is a much more efficient weight loss solution than the tricks or "quick-fix" dieting techniques that get most people's attention. These fleeting gimmicks are not solutions at all. In fact, they typically create more weight loss problems than they resolve. Dieting tends to slow down the metabolism, which is the precise opposite of what needs to be accomplished. It is better to concentrate on the long term, sustainable alterations that give you everlasting results.

Regardless of the amount of fat that needs to be worked off, the thing you need to work on is increasing your metabolism. The motive behind this is that as your metabolism is built up it allows you to burn extra fat for energy use, regardless of your immediate activity level. In fact, you will burn fat even while sleeping. To be able to achieve this, it is critical that your workout regimen is suitably planned.

Disregard long interval, tedious, low intensity exercises, such as walking, or other leisurely activities like swimming and biking. You need to execute strength or resistance training exercises along with cardiovascular interval training if you hope to boost your metabolism.

An appropriate workout regimen will balance your hormones and make weight loss almost effortless in comparison to some of the ill-founded strategies you might have tried in the past. Plus a proper foundation to your weight loss efforts will lead to results that stand the test of time.

One of the advantages to adding a sufficient exercise intensity your lifestyle is that your body will cut back on its production of the cortisol hormone, which is produced in response to stress. Cortisol works against your weigh loss efforts by causing you to seek comfort food at times when you are not even hungry. You eat simply to feel better about yourself, but you pay the price on the bathroom scales.

Cortisol also tends to decrease the level of growth hormone in your body, which impedes the production of new muscle mass - which is exactly what you do NOT want to happen, since muscle is you greatest friend in the war against fat. Why? Because muscle cells gobble fat as their primary fuel source. The more muscle you have, the more quickly you burn that excess fat.

So physical activity, and especially strength training, are highly beneficial to your efforts to work towards a healthy body weight.

As your strength and fitness evolve in response to the increased level of physical activity you will enjoy ever greater levels of energy. This in turn will inspire you to develop into an even more active individual. In fact, your body will begin to desire more intense levels of exercise naturally, helping you to stay lean, trim, and fit.

So, instead of thinking about that low calorie diet that stresses deficiency, and which unintentionally ends up slowing your metabolism, give some serious thought to adopting strength training as the primary means by which you address you excess weight problem.

In other words, I recommend that you say goodbye to grueling diets, and welcome the prospect of a body honed by exercise that you will want to live in for the rest of your life - all achieved by simply regaining your metabolic balance.

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